Air filtering units

Application: Air filter intakes and cleans the outside air from dust further supplying it to gas turbine engine. Dust elimination protects compressor blades from abrasive wear, reduces deposits in the flow section of the engine. Air filters can be used in various industries with specific requirements to air purity when it is used in great volumes in technological processes (such as precision instruments industry, super-purity metal industry etc.).
Description: Depending on design version and Customer specifications the inlet air filtering unit can be packaged with various type filters and a number of cleaning stages built by block principle.
Cyclone, pulse, cartridge and cumulative type filters can be used as cleaning stages. Installation and removal of filter elements does not require the special tools.
Inlet Air Filter design includes the anti-icing system to prevent from icing when outside air relative humidity changes to extent of 80-100%.
Additionally when difference between atmospheric pressure and the pressure in the air duct of intake system rises to 980 Pa as a result of, for instance, the cartridge filters starting to get extra-dusty, the bypass valves automatically open to let the atmospheric air directly go to air duct bypassing the filtering elements. At the same time position indicators (end switches) of bypass valves issue the “bypass valve open” signal to the automatic Control System. Bypass valves close automatically after pressure recovery (less than 980 Pa).
Construction design of Inlet Air Filter complies with standard serviceability, operational compatibility and factory-completeness requirements, allows easy maintenance and can be split into transportable elements to assemble and install them at site with no need of additional adjustment and weld.   



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