Fan 294-6311-00

Application: Fan 294-6311-00 is designed to cool the engine heat exchangers, main reduction gear, air conditioning system and the helicopter components. It can be operated in all environmental conditions within ambient temperature range from -60 to +60 deg.C.
Description: Axial ventilation, single stage, bypass regulation of "winter"/"summer" modes.
Parameter Value
Wheel speed, rpm 5008±50  
Wheel diameter, mm 499
Engine length, mm 6357
Min. pressure head at "summer" mode and outside temperature +40ºС, mm. H2O 615±20
Min. flowrate at "summer" mode and outside temperature +40ºС, m³/s 6,72-0,4
Max. power consumption at "summer" mode and outside temperature +40ºС, h.p. 78
Max. weight, kg 20
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