Installation of transportation of oil and gas mixture, UMF type

Purpose and description of work

The unit is designed for infield transportation of one oil and gas mixture system produced on oil fields. The ratio of volumes of liquid and gas at the pump intake can vary from 0 to 100%. The volume of gas plugs can reach up to 20 m3. Climatic execution and category of placement UHL4 in accordance with GOST 15150-69.
The automation system is designed for control, monitoring of basic parameters, as well as for protection against unaccountable (emergency) pump operation modes.
The transported (pumped) medium is fed to the input of the filter unit, passing through one of the filters, flows along the suction line to the suction of the screw pump. Passing through the screw pairs of the pump, the oil and gas mixture is compressed and through the delivery pipe, the discharge line is delivered to the consumer. Part of the liquid fraction of the compressible medium is accumulated in a special cavity of the pump casing and is fed through the bypass holes into the cavities of the rotor screws, enabling the unit to operate for a long time at a large gas content in the pumped medium.

Distinctive features and advantages

  • Individual execution of the flow section for specific parameters and operating conditions;
  • The delivery in block-container execution of full factory readiness is possible;
  • A distinctive feature is the patented system of internal recirculation of a part of the transported liquid (RF patents No. 2164312, 2213265), which allows pumping gas locks: in basic version up to 30 minutes; at the request of the customer of 30 or more minutes.
Productivity at a speed of 1500 rpm, m3 / h Initial pressure, MPa Maximum ultimate pressure, MPa Maximum drive power, kW
40 – 72 0,05 – 1,0 4,0 315
60 – 120 0,05 – 1,6 4,0 400
130 – 240 0,05 – 1,6 4,0 630
260 – 480 0,05 – 1,6 4,0 1250
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