Purpose: Production and provision of electrical and thermal energy.

Description: GTEU-18 gas turbine power plant is a highly efficient and reliable new generation unit. The plant can be used for autonomous heat and power supply of small towns and a network of compact settlements, microdistricts and industrial enterprises.

The equipment is delivered by functional units of full factory readiness, which ensures a minimum amount of installation work and ease of maintenance and repair. The units can be equipped with either a hot-water boiler or a steam boiler. At the request of the customer, to ensure an independent heat release schedule for the heating season, a block of afterburners is provided. It is possible to equip the unit with both a hot-water boiler and a steam boiler with a heat output of 28 Gcal / h.


Description Value
Drive engine type NK-38STE NK-16-18STE NK-37STE
Rated output power MW 16 18 25
Rated thermal power,  Mkcal/hr 25 28 48
Electrical efficiency (ISO),% 38 31 36,4
Primary fuel natural gas, associated petroleum gas
Consumption of fuel gas, Nm3 / h 4647 6544 5163
Fuel utilization factor,% 85
Annual working time reserve, hours 8000
Annual electrical supply, 106 kWh / year 128 144 200
Annual heat output from GTEU, 103 Gcal / year 200 224 384
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