Automatic gas distribution stations (AGRS)

Purpose: Supply of gas to localities, industrial enterprises and other consumers in a given volume with a certain pressure, the necessary degree of purification, odorization and gas flow measurement.
Description: In compliance with the requirements of the Customer, the AGRS is supplied in block or modular (single-block from 2 semi-containers) version. AGDS is manufactured with a maximum degree of factory readiness, with heating and ventilation systems. The AGRS consists of the following units / compartments:
• technological unit / compartment;
• odorization unit / compartment;
• coolant preparation unit / compartment;
• unit/ compartment of the ACS.
The heating system of the monoblock AGRS is combined with the gas heating system, which allows to exclude a separate gas heating system.
The structure of the distribution station includes underground tanks V = 2.5 m3, Pworking = 0.06 MPa, intended for draining the heating system, collecting gas condensate, storing the odorant and are not subject to the jurisdiction of Rostekhnadzor RF.
There is also a built-in gas supply unit for own needs of AGRS.
Based on the developed layout solutions, it is possible to produce various versions of AGRS with a capacity from 3 to 250 thousand Nm³ / h with one or two output lines.
Model range of AGRS "Volga" Q, Nm3/h Qmin, Nm3/h


Pout, kg/cm2 Accuracy Pin, % Gas odorization Construction design
3 000 100 16...100 3...12 ±5
Proportional to gas consumption, odorant intake rate 16g per 1000nm3
5 000
10 000
Assemblied monoblock
AGRS-20 20 000
AGRS-30 30 000 500
AGRS-50 50 000
AGRS-80 80 000
AGRS-100 100 000 1000
Block-container or hangar
AGRS-150 150 000
AGRS-200 200 000
AGRS-250 250 000

AGRS "Volga", layout – Monoblock


AGRS "Volga", layout – Hangar

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